Government Associate College for Women Rangpur (Muzaffargarh)
Admission for F.A/F.Sc/ICS Class First Year Session (2023-24)
Description of College Dues
Sr.Annually / Monthly Arts students (without practical)Arts students (with practical)Arts Students (with Computer) ICS studentsScience Students (Medical/Non-Medical)
1Admission Fee (at the time of admission only)8080806565
2Tuition Fee (Annual)600600600600600
3 (Annual) College General Fund5050505050
4 (Annual) College Welfare Fund5050505050
5 (Annual) Examination Fund180180180180180
6(Annual) College Medical Fund5050505050
7Burqa Fund100100100100100
8 (Annual) Science Breakage Fund060606060
9Computer Fund (Annual)003003000
10Transport Fund00000
11 (Annual) College Magazine Fund120120120120120
12 (Annual) Sports Fund180180180180180
13Fine Fund00000
14College Card Fund (at the time of admission only)5050505050
15 College Library Security Fund (at time of admission only)500500500500500
16Leaps Library Security Fund00000
17(Only at the time of admission) Board/University Affiliation Fund00000
18 (Annual) College Red Cross Fund6060606060
19Board/University Registration Fee (at the time of admission only)25002500250025002500
20Prospectus Fund150150150150150
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