Rangpur is a historic town located in the Muzaffargarh district of southern Punjab, Pakistan. Situated on the west bank of the River Chenab, it is positioned between the river to the east and vast desert to the west. The people of this region, primarily the Khera ethnic group, have a strong commitment to education despite their modest income. Recognizing the importance of education, the Punjab government established a degree college to address the higher education needs of female students in the area.



Our aim is to empower and inspire students to achieve their highest potential through exceptional education, innovative research, and meaningful community engagement. We are committed to fostering a dynamic learning environment that promotes intellectual growth, critical thinking, and personal development.
Our dedicated faculty, staff, and administration work collaboratively to provide a nurturing and inclusive campus culture where diversity is celebrated and every student is supported on their educational journey.

We strive to instill values of integrity, ethics, and social responsibility in our graduates, preparing them to become responsible global citizens and leaders in their respective fields.

Our vision is to be a pioneering force in higher education, recognized globally for innovation, excellence, and social impact. We aspire to create a transformative learning environment that empowers individuals to lead purposeful lives and contribute to a sustainable, inclusive, and prosperous world. Our vision is to make a meaningful impact on society by pioneering solutions that shape the future. We aim to be a place where diversity is celebrated and inclusion is embedded in our DNA. Our vision is to create a welcoming and respectful campus community where individuals from diverse backgrounds come together to learn, grow, and enrich each other’s lives. We believe in the power of education as a lifelong journey. Our vision is to provide opportunities for continuous learning and personal growth, ensuring that our alumni remain connected and inspired throughout their lives.

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